Colin Lloyd who was PDC World Number One at the time secured his second major televised title at the 2005 World Matchplay adding to his World Grand Prix title from the previous October defeating John Part in the final.

Lloyd recently spoke to the Weekly Dartscast and discussed pre-match mind games; which were done by his opponent and what it was like to win the title at the Winter Gardens.

“John actually said to me. ‘I’ll never recognise you as a World Number One or a champion unless you beat me in this final’. I said you’re having a laugh aren’t you, I think my record speaks for itself. He was trying to wind me up, he was trying to get under my skin and it didn’t work,” said Lloyd.

“I thought John don’t think I’m going to walk up on that oche and I’m gonna roll over. For some reason, you look at somewhere like Blackpool compared to anywhere else, we call it a racer because it’s not sets, it’s just legs.

I took it upon myself to take it as set play as there’s always a break after five legs. I went 3-2, 3-2, 3-2, so I was like 12-8 up. The next break I was 16-9 up so I only needed like two legs and I think to myself I can’t believe it, the only time I got back up on the stage and took the very next leg so I’m now 17-9 and I thought I can’t believe it I’m going to be the World Matchplay champion.”

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Author: Samuel Gill