Darts like many sports is in limbo at the moment due to the Coronavirus situation which is changing almost daily and according to Colin Lloyd, he sees it being a massive problem getting the tour starting again.

Lloyd said that having multiple lots of events to look at means that multiple facets have to be discussed such as having them midweek.

He also discussed the issue of the rankings and asked the question whether or not they will be frozen and how it will affect certain players if it’s not.

“It’s going to affect everybody (in terms of income) not just darts players, but hopefully a few of them have been sensible with their money and put a bit aside for a rainy day,” said Lloyd to Sky Sports.

“It’s going to be a logistical nightmare for the PDC, they’ve got to re-arrange not only TV events but the Premier League, Pro Tour events, Euro Tour events and also the biggest thing for me that I’ve looked at – what are they going to do about the rankings?”

“You’ve got players that are defending points and potentially supposed to be defending points say this weekend and last weekend and they might still be possibly holding a place for a TV event.”

“Someone below who is on a plus or should be on a plus if they had a run this weekend and last weekend, they could find themselves not in the TV event. I don’t know, have the PDC froze the rankings for the time being as well? There are so many things to talk about.

Can they try and squeeze something in midweek? I know they did it in the latter part of last year, it was on like a Tuesday and a Wednesday or Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If they want to try and get everything back onto a time-table I think that’s a very valid point and that would be a great idea to do it like that.”


Photo: PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill