Colin Lloyd claimed the 2004 World Grand Prix title by seeing off Alan Warriner-Little in the final in what was his first major triumph but it potentially would have been a different story had it not been for some help from Keith Deller.

Lloyd explained the story to the Weekly Dartscast and how he changed his routine due to the former World Champion rooming with him; as well as what was running through his mind going into that tie.

“I was sharing a room with Keith Deller at the time, he came up to the room because he was working for Sky at the time, shook my hand said well done mate. He said what are you doing; I said ‘I’m going to go and watch the second semi final.’ He said ‘you are not! You’ve got a final tomorrow.’ He made me strip off, get in bed and order room service!”

“I just stayed in bed and watched a bit of telly, I had a great nights sleep. I woke up the following day very nervous. I took the darts with me and started practising; it was quarter to nine in the morning. Stomachs churning and we’re not playing for at least another eight hours.

“I forgot about it because I did my film work for Sky; but then it was time to go work.”


Author: Samuel Gill