Dartsnews.com recently caught up with multiple players after they ended up winning tour cards at Q-School, yesterday it was Bradley Brooks. Today it’s Luke Woodhouse, a player who has won his tour card for the first time. Although he previously played on the Challenge Tour, Pro Tour and Euro Tour. In the interview today, we speak about winning his tour card, the Euro Tour and the Challenge Tour.

Q. Hello Luke thanks for agreeing to do an interview. First of all, how did you get involved in darts growing up??
Hi Sam… No worries thank you for asking me to be involved… I got involved in darts from an early age as my nan and granddad played locally. As well as my dad playing so I got involved that way really.
Q. You recently won back your tour card at Q-School. How did that feel and how would you sum up your four days??
This is actually the first time holding a full tour card so I’m over the moon.. I snuck in by the skin of my teeth but I have worked so hard these last 6 months to get my game right… The four days at Q-School are unbelievably tough and I felt I played well over 4 days… Unless your involved in it it’s very hard to explain how physically and mentally tough Q-School can be.
Q. Barry Hearn before Q-School announced the lack of entry fees from this season. What are your thoughts on this and do you think it will attract more quality players to give it a go??
I was a little surprised at the announcement of the drop of entry fees for the Pro Tour events but it just shows how far the game has come and how Barry Hearn is doing his upmost to look after players and giving all the players a chance at playing the full tour without the financial worries of entry’s etc.. It will definitely attract more people to try their hand at the tour with out a doubt.

Q. You played on the Euro Tour towards the back end of last year. How was this experience and are you determined to qualify for more events this season??

Playing on the Euro Tour last year was an unbelievable experience. It’s pretty much the same set up of what a television set up would be but on a smaller scale so to have an insight to what goes on is amazing. I’m 100% determined and focused to qualify for more events this year.
Q. You teamed playing on the Pro Tour with the Challenge Tour last year. Was this a good experience for you that stood you in good stead for Q-School and would you recommend the Challenge Tour to any players wanting a route into the game??
I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to do the Challenge Tour and a few Pro Tour events in a couple of seasons that I’ve played… Every game you play either on the Pro Tour or Challenge Tour is tough so the more you can play in these games the better it will prepare you for something so big as Q-School… The experience I’ve gained over the years , has been invaluable.
Q. Finally what would you say are your ambitions for the upcoming season to end off??
My ambitions for the upcoming year are to just have has many good runs in Pro Tour events as possible. Hopefully this leads to qualifying for the various TV tournaments. My main goal is to get into the top 64 within my 2 years that I hold a Tour Card… I feel my game is in a very good place and I’m confident I can compete with the top players in the world. As long as I continue to put in hours of practice.
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com
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Author: Samuel Gill