Modern Amateur Darts (MAD), the venture ran by JDC Chairman Steve Brown, have taken their first steps in getting up and running by unveiling their new regions system and the pathway from Pub to Pro.

The new organisation shortened to MAD, will run two ranking systems for the Regional Championships (local); as well as major championships (premier/major events). Four of the latter are planned for the first year.

The regional championships give the players a chance to qualify for their respective local region and super region. The major championships allow events such as opens to add these points to their events adding competition and value to every tournament; as they aim to be crowned MAD Darts World Champion.

Unveiled on Saturday by the Chairman, there will be 16 Super Regions and 16 Regions in each super region. Each one will have it’s own name and identity under the England banner.

For example the Falcons will oversee the North West from Manchester and Liverpool to Oldham and Stockport.

The blueprint states the following: “MAD Darts is dedicated to support and modernise local level darts for the amateur player. “MAD will bring a level of integration, excitement and an accessible ranking system never seen before to engage open event organisers, teams, captains, secretaries, local players and anyone interested in picking up a set of darts so they can easily integrate with any Darts Team or Open event and really enjoy the game.“


Author: Samuel Gill