Madars Razma regained his Tour Card straight away at the recent PDC European Q-School after an impressive end to 2018.

Razma spoke in an interview with and admitted that while he was pleased to remain on the tour but that he was disappointed that he didn’t keep it in the first place.
‘I feel happy of course, but this is the story of something more than just Q-School. I’m still disappointed about last year, because I had a good year. Much better than the first year in the PDC. I played well but didn’t qualify for the PDC World Championship.’


It was noted that Razma had a hand injury before and during Q-School but he still came through. He said that it only restricted his practice beforehand.
‘I don’t know where and how. Maybe working to much at my mom’s home after Christmas, maybe elsewhere. I felt discomfort, that’s why I didn’t practice the last three days before Q-School, because I was afraid. But it didn’t disrupt playing darts, just maybe a little bit mentally.’

PDC Europe

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European Tour

Razma showed good form on the European Tour during 2018 and said that he loved playing in front of more fans in tournaments like that.
‘I won two qualifying events for the European Tour in 2018 and qualified for the first event in 2019. Plus last year I automatically qualified for the European Tour in Denmark.’
‘Then I lost two more finals to qualify for another two events. My Lithuanian friend Darius Labanauskas just did better than me. And I have experience on stage from the BDO major tournaments. Yes, there are more fans around me, but I like it! I love to play darts when there are thousands of fans around me!’
On whether he was surprised to see multiple players qualify from the PDC Nordic and Baltic Tour, he said it was a pleasant surprise.
‘Honestly? It’s a pleasant surprise for me, because I know how difficult it is to get a Tour Card and three players from the PDC Nordic & Baltic are fantastic! I feel satisfied with my performance in the European Tour qualifying tournaments. I have a lot of great quality players around me who want and can win in the PDC Nordic & Baltic!’


In terms of ambitions, Razma wants to win more and sees it as no change from previously.
‘There is no change in my head. I just want to win! I want to be the best! I believe, I can be if I continue to do what I love, because I love what I do! And I will lost a lot of time from my family to fly over half Europe, if I will play just for entertainment. Darts is my job.’

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill