Peter Manley has joined Phil Taylor in teasing a potential comeback to the tour soon in a recent interview on the Darts Show podcast.

Manley said in the interview that he has new darts and is really enjoying the game again. He said that he is seriously thinking about doing Q-School which all depends on if he can get back into a practice routine.

“I’ve got some new darts and Winmau look after me really well. I’m really enjoying the game again,” Manley said.

“I’m genuinely thinking about Q School. We’re going on a cruise later on in the year, we enjoy life now – both myself and the wife have been through problems with health and we just enjoy life.

“Darts is secondary but it’s still in our blood. I don’t practice as much as I should do, I’d like to think that I would like to practice but that’s really the testing point. If I can get back into a practice routine then I’ll be good enough for Q School.”

Potential senior tour

‘One Dart’ also weighed up the potential of a senior tour akin to the golf which has been mooted for some time and for Manley he believes it should happen and that he would relish the opportunity himself.

“I’ve pushed Barry Hearn for many years for a senior tour,” he added. “Obviously with the players that are coming off the tour – not through choice in many circumstances.

“I’d relish the thought of actually beating Phil Taylor in a final somewhere so it would be great, it would be great to play.”


Author: Samuel Gill