Wayne Mardle and John Part have seen plenty of great darts in their time.

What they saw in the Premier League on Thursday night went a step beyond. Michael van Gerwen’s 7-3 win over Gary Anderson looks routine on paper. But the pair both averaged more than 110 in an astounding match, The pair shared the first six legs evenly, before the Dutchman rampaged to victory. Mardle could not believe that Anderson averaged 110.79, despite only hitting the double with three of his 12 attempts.

“It’s ridiculous, it really is. But look at the missed darts at doubles,” said Mardle.

He’s missed nine darts at doubles and averaged that. The last double he hit was the bullseye for the 170. He shouldn’t have done it because it made Michael angry.”

It was only the second Premier League game in history in which both players averaged 110 or more. The first came last April in Dublin. James Wade averaged 110.82, but lost 7-5 to van Gerwen, who notched up an average of 113.62. But Anderson in particular brings the best out in Mighty Mike, a fact not lost on Part.

“We were so caught up in the nine-dart attempt that most of us didn’t realise that there was a 170 on offer before it was in. And then we were like ‘What’! They really just enjoy playing against each other,” the two-time world champion said.

“When I played I enjoyed matches of that context. My best three matches were all against Phil Taylor in the Premier League and my averages were about 104 or 105. We were driving each other back and forth.”

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Author: Ed McCosh