Michael Smith reached his first major final last night on Premier League finals night at O2 where he missed out to Michael van Gerwen but despite that loss, Wayne Mardle and John Part believe the St Helens ace will have more success in the future.

They said that he deserved to be in that final as he didn’t scrape into the play-offs he got in there and stayed there and despite losing, there are no negatives.
Part then added about how despite Van Gerwen looking somewhat unbeatable Smith still looked good and that he was quality.
“Credit to Smith – he was brilliant, but came up short against someone who everyone would have come up short against,” Wayne Mardle said.
“He didn’t scrape into the fourth spot. He wasn’t tentative. He got in there, and stayed there.
“Finishing second is a bonus in itself. He’s lost in a final but there are no negatives.
“He played great, hung in there, took out a 125 to keep the match going. There was nothing to his detriment.
“Smith is on the up. Hopefully, this is not as good as it gets.”
John Part added: “He’s still learning. He looked good against Anderson. He even managed, somehow, to look good in the final.
“As impressive as MVG was, Smith had his shots, here and there. He had a lot of 180s.
“He was quality and is building towards a future.”

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Author: Samuel Gill