Wayne Mardle is known as one of the best darting coaches in the business alongside of course being an ex player and a pundit/commentator and he has helped turn multiple players fortunes around.

This includes Devon Petersen who has went to Mardle; he is now achieving some of his best form of his career.

Mardle spoke to Josh’s Dartistry about potential measures to help coaches give players advice; he believes that they have to be allowed to give them vital advice during breaks.

“What has to happen – this is a massive point – The PDC has to allow a person from – call it Michael van Gerwen’s team, Gerwyn Price’s team, Peter Wright’s team – backstage during a break on a televised event.

“What happens now is these players come off for a break and they don’t know what’s going wrong, they’re just losing 3-0 that’s all. Someone out there from their team has seen what can happen; whether it be a slow rhythm or quick rhythm.

“If they had someone there like that who could say something, that would promote coaching in darts because they realise I don’t know everything about my game; I don’t know everything about what I’m doing so anyone helping would be a massive added bonus point. I think it starts there.

“Some games you find yourself in trouble but you feel that there’s a way out. You’re not panicking. In other games you find yourself in as much trouble scoreline wise; but it’s all different, because you’re not playing well and they’re playing better than you. Then you start to panic. You know it’s wrong but we’ve all seen that.

“If someone is just there [backstage] they pull them to one side at the break and give it: ‘Look, you’re panicking. You’re throwing too quickly, you’re throwing too slowly, just relax if you can. Maybe even speed up, just change something because what you’re doing is not working’; or if they want to get really technical, they call in the cavalry.”


Author: Samuel Gill