Wayne Mardle has given his take on the current crisis in the BDO which has seen all referees and callers resign in the past week including head of ceremonies Richard Ashdown.

Mardle said that this situation is a sad state of affairs and that he would hate for the BDO to fold as the darts world needs it especially as a feeder system. He added that if they do fold, he fears the future of darts in general.

“I don’t know Des Jacklin, I’ve met him a couple of times,” Mardle told Live Darts. “I’ve spoken to him, but not in depth about the BDO, the PDC or darts in general to be fair.

“What’s happened with the refs walking away and the MC is a sad state of affairs.

“I would hate the BDO to fold, I think the PDC and the darts world needs the BDO.

“They are a feeder and they are fantastic for amateur dart players.

“They give them a platform to pay £15 or £20 to go in any event they like and try to nick two, three or four grand, whatever it may be.

“If that system fails and folds, then I fear for darts in general.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Doubts on Jacklin

Mardle also spoke about how in his opinion he doesn’t think Des Jacklin is the right man for the job and that despite a great start in releasing players from the contract restraints, it now doesn’t look like a good state of affairs.

He said that they are an amateur body that tries to live in a professional world and that they are not doing a good job at the moment in doing so.

“I’m not sure Des Jacklin is the man for the job,” added the former World Championship semi-finalist.

“When he got appointed and opened up the game, I thought ‘well done’ and congrats to you for realising that saying to players ‘you can’t do this, you can’t do that’ and basically blackmailing them into signing contracts – he realised that wasn’t the way forward.

“I thought this may work, but it’s not working. I don’t know what’s going on on the inside and I’m not going to pretend to know or guess.

“What’s happening right now is that the BDO is not looking in a good state of affairs at all.

“I’ve feared that they’re on the decline but I’ve also thought there’s enough players and enough people who care.

“No one’s paid, that’s the problem. They’re an amateur body but they’re trying to live in a professional world right now and they’re not doing a very good job.

“How they turn it round? I don’t know. I’m not business savvy enough, I know how to run Wayne Mardle ltd – that’s about it!

“I just hope someone helps Des Jacklin and the BDO because they need help.”

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Author: Samuel Gill