Martin Adams did not pull the punches in a frank interview that included a swipe at Phil Taylor.

In an interview with the Guardian’s Donald McRae, the three-time BDO world champion compared the two world championships. He claimed the PDC event pales in comparison with the BDO championships at the Lakeside.
“I’ve got no desire to go to Ally Pally. Most people are there just for the drink and the party and I find that strange,” Adams exclaimed.
“A ticket is £30 or £40. Imagine if you said to someone coming into the pub: ‘I’m going to charge you £30 to come in and you can get as drunk as you like, sing as much as you like, and I’m going to overcharge you on the beer.’ Would they come in? No. Why they do it at Ally Pally is beyond my belief.
Wolfie added: Lakeside is true darts supporters. If somebody tries a sing‑song people shut them up. We have a fantastic atmosphere at Lakeside. It’s proper darts.”
The 61-year-old insisted that neither Taylor nor Michael van Gerwen are the greatest player in history.
“They’re great on their day and when they’re hitting it they’re unbeatable,” he stated.
“But for me the greatest player of all time is Eric Bristow. Eric got to two world finals with dartitis. He didn’t win either but that shows his true grit.”
The Power should not be expecting an invitation to the pub from Wolfie any time soon, either.
“I’m not sure he’s got any mates, to be honest. He’s a great dart player, Phil, but he’s not someone I’d ring up and say ‘Do you fancy a beer?’, because he’d only want to talk about darts. That would bore me,” he said.

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Author: Ed McCosh