Matt Porter has responded to suggestions of a possible “Next Gen” series.

Matchroom Boxing’s ‘NXTGEN’ series pits rising starts in the boxing world against each other. It has proved a success and has attracted major sponsorship. Interest has grown among fan forums in the same idea being applied to darts. PDC Chief Executive Porter, when asked by Live Darts, wasn’t entertaining the idea.

“No. There wouldn’t be any commercial value in that whatsoever.

“If you look at how they do that in boxing, they put on relatively small-hall shows with young up-and-coming fighters.

“The difference in boxing is that boxers sell their own tickets.

“If you can find me ten darts players who’ll bring 500 people to each show – guaranteed – then yeah, we’ll put a show on,” said Porter.

Event planning

The introduction of Premier League Darts ‘contenders’, and the attention they brought to the weekly stage events, gave the “Next Gen’ idea some momentum. Porter pointed out the stark reality that intrigue is not equal to sales.

“Tickets fly out the door for the big events, we have to work a little bit harder for the other events,” the Chief Executive explained.

“The idea of putting on a show with exclusively non-big names isn’t something we feel would work.”


Author: Ed McCosh