Mark McGeeney has remained on top of the BDO rankings after the Isle of Man weekend. ‘The Gladiator’ has Glen Durrant on his tail though only now 5 points behind him.

It would be a surprise though at least for the time being for Durrant to replace McGeeney at the top especially considering Durrant doesn’t do as many tournaments.
Jim Williams is up to 4th with the likes of him, Veenstra & Mandigers taking advantage of players such as Jamie Hughes and Cameron Menzies switching to the PDC.
The same can be said for Scott Waites who in December sat in 11th place and now he is 5th.
It remains Durrant, Mitchell, Waites and Williams though who pose the main threat to McGeeney with him over 100 points ahead of Veenstra in 6th place for example.

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media

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Author: Samuel Gill