The second round of action at Players Championship 18 is complete with Ron Meulenkamp and Mark McGeeney causing shocks.

Meulenkamp smashed Glen Durrant in a 6-2 victory with a 108.4 average to continue his form which he showed yesterday.

McGeeney himself saw off Daryl Gurney in a brilliant victory for ‘The Gladiator’.

Ryan Searle put his World Matchplay spot in jeopardy as well by losing out at this point.

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Last 64

100.5Humphries, Luke64Dekker, Jan93.3
96.5Smith, Ross64Justicia, Jose89.3
108.4Meulenkamp, Ron62Durrant, Glen97.3
95.3Woodhouse, Luke64Bunting, Stephen94.7
95.8Ratajski, Krzysztof62Killington, George77.4
94.9Henderson, John60Alcinas, Toni89.8
93.4Clemens , Gabriel63Klaasen, Jelle88.8
97.8Reyes, Cristo64Noppert, Danny105.2
93.0Dolan, Brendan61Edhouse, Ritchie80.9
92.5van der Voort, Vincent62Huybrechts, Kim90.4
93.6Beaton, Steve63Thornton, Robert87.0
87.4Rydz, Callan63Dobey, Chris80.6
92.3Wade, James64Meeuwisse, Yordi92.0
91.3Brown, Keegan64Tabern, Alan95.6
84.7Rodriguez, Rowby-John65Dudbridge, Mark87.9
98.0Clark, Matt60King, Mervyn81.8
85.5Chisnall, Dave65Hughes, Jamie88.7
91.5Boulton, Andy64Searle, Ryan89.9
100.3Van den Bergh, Dimitri64Whitlock, Simon91.2
99.6Evetts, Ted64Van der Meer, Vincent93.1
96.0Suljovic, Mensur63Carlin, Gavin91.8
102.6O’Connor, William61Payne, Josh88.8
94.1Cullen, Joe62Baker, Scott92.8
96.8Razma, Madars61Mansell, Mickey82.7
105.3Schindler, Martin61Huybrechts, Ronny93.2
91.6Whitehead, Conan63Murnan, Joe88.4
101.3De Sousa, Jose62Aspinall, Nathan94.2
96.0De Zwaan, Jeffrey61Bates, Barrie79.5
106.5McGeeney, Mark62Gurney, Daryl98.0
90.1Richardson, James64Labanauskas, Darius89.6
95.2Smith, Michael63Dootson, Eddie90.5
85.8Kuivenhoven, Maik62Pipe, Justin75.7
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Author: Pieter