Scott Mitchell spoke at the World Masters weekend to TungstenTales about the World Trophy in Blackburn and also the move from Lakeside to the Indigo at the O2.

Mitchell believes the King Georges Hall is fantastic for the aforementioned major and that as soon as people become more aware, it will only increase in popularity.

He also added about the Lakeside that he wishes it was still used for other events but that he wouldn’t have dreamed ten years ago about playing in the O2 a venue he describes as fantastic.

‘It was fantastic. I think Blackburn as a town took to us and the more that we’re there, the more they’ll become aware. If we can get there on a weekend where people can set their watch by it and their calendars by it, I think it’s only going to go forward,’ said Mitchell to TungstenTales.

‘I think that everything has it’s day and I wish we were still at Lakeside with something else, maybe with World Darts Trophy. I think the Lakeside still holds a place in darts, when I started 10 years ago I never thought I’d be going to the O2.’

‘It’s a fantastic venue, I’ve done a couple of exhibitions there and I’ve played there before. I know the atmosphere will be there and I’m 100 percent sure the people will be there. Time’s move on and things move on and now we have to make the O2 the home of darts.’

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Author: Samuel Gill