Scott Mitchell is through his first hurdle at the Lakeside playing really impressively against Oliver Ferenc.

Mitchell called the victory massive and said that he scored big time as he was conscious that he was going to have a difficult time vs Ferenc.
‘Massive for me, I watched his early games and every time he had a go for a double he hit it and he did that again today (Tuesday). I really scored big time and I was conscious that I had to do that to try and get in front of him and I did that,’ said Mitchell.
About Ferenc and others including his next opponent Krzysztof Kciuk, Mitchell called the qualifiers a massive part of the tournament and he won’t be taking his next opponent lightly either.
‘There a massive addition to this tournament, Krzysztof (Kciuk) who I’ve got next is a prime example. We always find one and maybe Krzysztof is the guy. He’ll be a really tough game.’
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Author: Samuel Gill