Scott Mitchell is through to the Quarter-Finals at Lakeside having seen off Krzysztof Kciuk.

Mitchell was a big admirer of his opponent during his post match interview calling the manner he conducts himself as amazing.
‘I think he conducts himself in an amazing manner and the way that he plays, he doesn’t let a lot get to him and I think he had the same problem with me, I think he expected me to play a little bit better than I was so he’s then out there doing the exact same as what I was doing thinking he was there to be had today and he didn’t quite get it,’ said Mitchell.
He also spoke about his decrease in average and preparing for that; but admitted that it isn’t the averages that will win him the matches.
‘When you’ve hit that 94 average first round you’ve come in and prepared yourself absolutely brilliantly; but you know it’s very difficult to keep that average up so I would have rather have won it with a 91. Averages don’t win anything, it’s all about winning the games and I’m still in and Krzysztof (Kciuk) is unfortunately going home.’
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Author: Samuel Gill