Scott Mitchell achieved a major milestone recently hitting the highest average for England in history.

Mitchell at the recent BDO British Internationals smashed in a 111.33 average and didn’t see it as that. In his interview with The Daily Echo, he saw it as another chance to represent England and that once you do so, it might not happen again.
“When you think of the legends who have played for England – John Lowe, Eric Bristow, Keith Deller, Cliff Lazarenko, Bob Anderson – and the recent players – Glen Durrant and Martin Adams – it is pretty special to be the one above all of them.
“Anything to do with your country is great to achieve. It was my 40th cap for England which is another milestone.
“After my first one I never thought I would get another.
“When you wear an England shirt you do not feel like it is yours forever – you feel like you are keeping it warm for the next person.”

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Author: Samuel Gill