Scott Mitchell is one of the BDO’s best known names especially in the Grand Slam of Darts where he has appeared for the last four years but due to rankings, he has admitted that he would turn down a place.

Mitchell believes that due to him finishing just outside of the qualification spots, that there is no chance of him making it anyway and he believes it wouldn’t be right for him to get a spot anyway as there are players that deserve it a lot more.

He said that if he was taken as a slightly bigger name player, he would decline it as a result of the aforementioned reasoning.

“I think being at number nine in the rankings, I know the chances are with eight players going, whichever way the BDO decide to do it, I think there’s no real chance of me making it.

“And it wouldn’t be right if I made it. There are other people in the rankings that deserve it far more than me.

“They’ve got themselves into the right position to take the rankings and maybe to take me as a slightly bigger name than they are would ultimately be wrong and I probably wouldn’t agree with it and wouldn’t accept it if it came to be fair.”

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer


Author: Samuel Gill