Modern Amateur Darts (MAD) have launched promising a new dawn for amateur darts with established JDC Chairman, Steve Brown behind it.

After taking the junior game to new heights, Brown will hope to take amateur darts the same way. Speaking about the launch, ‘The Bomber’ who as well as running the JDC; is also a PDC Tour Card holder who came through the BDO system has watched their demise; he wanted to do something about it.

“After many years of thinking about this, we’ve finally decided to make this step and look after those amateur darts players that have been forgetting about over the last 20 years,” said Brown in an interview with Phill Barrs for Online Darts.

“For me personally just watch the demise of the World Championships last year and all the negativity surrounding it from my armchair and thought I could really do a better job than that.”

The system sees it perfected in the UK for the first twelve months; with any Open in the country ranging from £50 for the winner all the way to the big money events allowed to apply for points.

They will not try to replace the county system; but instead use an inter-city model so instead of playing for Leicestershire for example, you would play for Leicester.

There will also be an onus on a unified scoring system to put both league and individual tables together; with an amateur World Championship also set to take place utilising the best players from these events.

While all details are set to be released over the coming weeks and months; Brown also said that it is something which has been thought about for a long time which is now coming to fruition.

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Author: Samuel Gill