Ross Montgomery is a stalwart of the BDO circuit but has admitted this week in an interview with the Daily Record that the players know nothing about the 2019 Lakeside World Championship.

For the Scot he sees not only himself but other players being massively concerned by it. “There has been no official confirmation about Lakeside, so there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding it,” ‘The Boss’ said.
“The players know nothing and the BDO directors have not announced anything yet.
“Tickets are usually on sale by August. People keep asking the players what’s happening and all we can tell them is we don’t know.
“It’s expected to start from January 5 and run until January 13, but the venue or if it’s going to be televised hasn’t been confirmed.
“I think every player will be concerned by that.”

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media

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Author: Samuel Gill