Over the past four and a half years, PDC statistician Christopher Kempf also known as Ochepedia has been collecting data on double attempts with some interesting observations coming from this.

Michael van Gerwen has the highest percentage on several checkouts. Mighty Mike has hit no less than three times as many 170’s than any other player on the tour. With 8% on 500 attempts, he throws a 170 on average as often as any other player does from 121.

Nathan Aspinall has also emerged as one of the best finishers. His proficiency on double eight and double four in particular. With double 20 being also 80 percent only four less than the leader Michael van Gerwen.

Rob Cross gets the highest percentage on the shanghai 120 finish with him hitting it 24 percent of the time. However he is not the best on his favourite double 18 with James Wade, Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen among the best.

Wade unsurprisingly is up there on most doubles with it being a main facet of his game. He is the only player over 50% on an 80 checkout. On a 60 checkout, he achieves 70% and his trusty double 10 is also at 80 percent with not only that but double 20 and double 32 also at the same percentage.



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Author: Samuel Gill