Three more names have been added to the Finder Darts Masters 2017 player list after they qualified through the Champions League of Darts tournament, a special event that allows players of member organization, Dutch Darts Bond, to play for a place at the Finder Darts Masters.
The Champions League of Darts 2017 has been played and the champions of this year are known after five exciting finals. There has been a total of 5 tournaments to qualify for the Finder Darts Masters 2018 (for men, ladies and junior players) plus participation in the Winmau World Masters in Bridlington.
The winner of the girls tournament received a ticket for the Winmau World Masters and the champion of the boys up to 14 wins and VIP package to visit the Finder Darts Masters 2017.
In the men’s tournament the final was between Rick Hofstra and Jeffrey Stigter. Rick with all the experience on world stages, he played Lakeside and the world stage of Zuiderduin.
It was an exciting final over best or 3 sets won by Rick Hofstra in two sets. In the first set, Rick made the difference in the fifth and final leg to win this set by 3-2. In the second set Jeffrey Stigter took a 2-0 lead but Rick managed to fight back to 2-2 and then against the darts, he also won the decider to win the match with 2-0 in sets.
The title of Ladies Champion went to Marjolein Noijens. In her final against Aletta Wajer Marjolein, she found herself 1-0 down but won the next 3 to make 3-1. Aletta came back and was even 4-3 in the lead and only one leg away from victory. Marjolein was able recover and won the two remaining legs for her place in the Finder Darts Masters 2017.
Ramon Leferink will compete in the Finder Darts Masters Youth event this year. He had an amazing come back from 4-1 down to Lars Plaisier, who was one leg away from the title. But there was a strong come back from Ramon as he won  4 legs in a row and won the junior title with a 5-4 victory.
Lerena Rietbergen won the girls event  in an exciting final against Kyana Frauenfelder. Kyana missed too many chances at doubles in this match and gave the match away. Lerena eventually won the fifth and final leg claiming her place for participation in the Winmau World Masters.
Pim Bijnen can prepare for a very beautiful month in December after he won the boys up to 14 tournament. He won the finale against  Sytze Terpstra with 3-1 and for this achievement, Pim received a VIP package for the Finder Darts Masters held in Hotel Zuiderduin on 8th, 9th and 10th December.
In addition to these prizes, there were also two hotel packages for players who did not pass the first round of the tournament or women’s tournament. These players were allowed to sign up for a B final. Nico van Os won the men’s B final with 3-0 from Kevin Wensink and Anita was the ladies winner as she bested Larissa Span.


Author: Pieter