Murschell defends stage exit after John Norman Jnr defeat: 'Never felt so disrespected'

Dawson Murschell and John Norman Jnr were engulfed in controversy at the North American Championship.

Their semi-final meeting in Las Vegas was a close-run affair. It quickly descended into farce after Norman Jnr struck match dart in a 6-5 success. The 44-year-old's dramatic celebration didn't go down well with Murschell. The 22-year-old quickly left the stage, leaving critics to question his etiquette.
Wayne Mardle posted a tweet, now deleted, which criticised Murschell for failing to shake his opponent's hand. His comment was retracted when a fan insisted that the pair did shake hands, a fact that was backed up by a tweet by Murschell shortly after.
"I shook hands with John, the officials and left stage as peacefully as I could have," he tweeted.
"I’ve never felt so disrespected by an individual in my life and the antics during the game weren’t as noticeable on camera, but they definitely played a part.
"Thanks to everyone watching."
Murschell, who represented Canada at the 2018 World Cup of Darts, also lashed out at commentator Dan Dawson for a quip made during the final.

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