Smith wins North American Championship defeating Norman Jnr in Final |

Smith wins North American Championship defeating Norman Jnr in Final

The North American Championship took place last night with a chance to reach the Alexandra Palace at the end of the year and a $10,000 prize; Jeff Smith ended the night the champion after coming through in an all Canadian final with John Norman Jnr.

Smith came through qualifiers this week alongside the other eight players and due to his stage experience, he was the obvious favourite to win the second North American Championship.
It nearly didn’t transpire though in terms of him making it past the first round. He faced Ross Snook with his opponent playing very well and he should have taken the win but Smith came through 6-5.
He then defeated the youngest player in the tournament, Danny Lauby Jnr; son of the previous tour card holder Danny Snr 6-3. Lauby at that point was the only American left standing.
His opponent John Norman Jnr. was his usual exhuburant self up on the stage whitewashing the experienced David Cameron 6-0. He then faced Dawson Murschell who’s nerves got the better of him after he took an early lead allowing Norman to get through.
Norman then in a show of emotion celebrated giving Dawson a bear hug which understandably annoyed the young Canadian. In the final though despite it being close in parts, Smith pulled away to become the champion at the Mandalay Bay.

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