Paul Nicholson has argued on Twitter for the introduction of a brand new darts tournament. ‘The Asset’ would like to see an equivalent of the Ryder Cup in the sport of darts.

“I was asked on a few occasions last week during the World Cup of Darts, what about a Ryder Cup style match in darts? Well, I reckon a GB & Ireland team vs Rest of the world would be rather incredible. Legendary captains, vociferous atmospheres. What’s not to get excited about”, Nicholson put on his social media.
In the sport of golf, the current setup of the Ryder Cup has been played since 1979. During the biennial tournament, the strongest American team will compete against the best players from Europe. A team consists of twelve players. Nine of them qualify through a ranking for the selection, while the team captain can also hand out three wildcards.
In pool there is a similar event on the calendar; the Mosconi Cup. This is an annual tournament with six Americans playing against six Europeans.
Raymond van Barneveld almost immediately joined the initiative of his Australian colleague. “I suggested that last year. Barry Hearn loves Golf so I think he would love this as well.”
The five-time world champion also had a supportive idea for Nicholson’s proposal. “Rotterdam is the perfect spot for the first edition. The winners get to pick next location. ”

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Author: Samuel Gill