Paul Nicholson has been giving his five characters of darts as part of an ongoing feature on SportingLife and one of his latest additions comes in the form of Bobby George.

George, known as ‘The King of Bling’, is a staple on the exhibition circuit with his famous walk-on and personality but as Nicholson pointed out, he was also an excellent darts player as well as a character of darts.

“There’s been so many things written about Bobby George down the years and everyone has their own stories to tell, which is what makes him so special,” said Nicholson on SportingLife.

“He’s loved and known the world over for his character, personality, bling and even the house which he built in the shape of a darts flight, but that shouldn’t mean people overlook what a wonderful darts player he was too.

Bobby’s humour and heart are also richly complimented by his intelligence on and off the dart board, and I really don’t think there’s anyone better to guide you in the right direction.”

Replacing him on Lakeside commentary duties and his lasting legacy on Darts

Nicholson spoke also about effectively taking over him on the Lakeside World Championship coverage and how he had his own advice for ‘The Asset’ after a week.

As well as giving more brilliant stories about ‘The King of Bling’ in exhibitions as well as on his lasting legacy on the sport.

“When I effectively took over from him on commentary and punditry duties at the Lakeside, I think I felt more nervous about that than anything else in my career. People love institutions don’t they? So, when the rights for the Lakeside changed networks, I was now in Bobby’s spot – talk about impossibly shoes to fill!”

“But when I saw him during that first week, he said: “You’re doing a great job…but have a shave will you!?”

I remember doing another exhibition with him where he was trying to bamboozle Rachel Riley about the mathematics of a dart board – and although it may not of worked, you couldn’t fault his confidence in trying!” he added.

“When Bobby speaks, people listen. He’s like a darting Messiah and I don’t think that will ever change.

Bobby has got his own unique vernacular too, but while we can all try and imitate his phrases, nobody can deliver it the same way.”

“He’s the personification of darts from the previous generation and while the game has moved on, we must always remember where we started in order to help us go forward.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

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Author: Samuel Gill