Vincent van der Voort is one of the most popular darting stars mainly due to his walk-on which he has admitted on many occasions in the past he is not a fan of but as Paul Nicholson explained in his continuation of his Characters of Darts series, he is one of the best on and off the oche.

This is mainly for his ability to make anyone laugh including in English which of course is his second language and that despite having issues in recent years with mainly his back, he has still found humour out of every situation.

“Vincent (van der Voort) is never shy about expressing his opinion and he’s even been told by the DRA that he should stop giving interviews because he can be too honest – but that doesn’t stop sticking to his guns and sending us into hysterics,” said Nicholson on Sporting Life.

“Those who have watched him a lot both on and off the oche will know how he’s Box Office when it comes to his reactions to certain situations.

His personality has never really wilted during his tough times and seems to find the funny side in most scenarios.”

“I’m also amazed how funny he can be in his second language. When you see the other Dutch players like his best mate Michael van Gerwen hanging round him, they’re always laughing when he’s cracking jokes in their language,” he continued.

“But since coming over to England in the late 1990s during his BDO days, he’s developed an ability to make people laugh more than anyone else in English, and that’s astounding. It’s like me trying to make German people laugh and I find that impossible! I’ve never met anyone from a non-English speaking country who can make as many people laugh as Vincent.”

I don’t think there’s anyone in darts who doesn’t like Vincent but if there was, they wouldn’t say anything because he’s well over six and a half foot tall and as hard as a coffin nail!”


Author: Samuel Gill