Simon Whitlock‘s dart points were a main talking point during the World Matchplay and how they were damaging the board.

Whitlock himself responded to the criticism saying that Unicorn should supply a better board and that it’s that which is the issue.

His former World Cup of Darts teammate, Paul Nicholson has weighed in on the debate and said he is not trying to gain an advantage by using this and that the criticism as a result is unwarranted.

“Simon Whitlock’s points on his darts got a lot of stick on social media but for me it’s a storm in a teacup!” said Nicholson in a column for Sporting Life.

“Let’s instead give Simon some credit because he’s looked at a part of a dart that has been largely neglected for the 30-40 years, and only now because of televised darts, are we scrutinising every single detail on show.

Gary Anderson was the one who started with the groove point near the join of the barrel and the point, and he thought there was something in it. But he didn’t put grooves at the bottom.”

“Other players have put grooves at different parts of the dart including Kyle Anderson, who put them at the bottom of the point, and Ronnie Baxter, who had them in the middle so that when they hit the board, it wouldn’t waver,” he continued.

“That’s the main reason why Simon has been looking at hexagonal points and versions with huge amounts of knurling on them. These points specifically have taken the most criticism because they’re the most aggressive kinds he’s used.

Sport is littered with examples of equipment that is trying to gain an advantage within the rules – from the Predator football boot back in the day to Bryson DeChambeau who uses clubs of the same length. Controversial, but not illegal.”

“He’s allowed to use those points so leave him alone”

For Nicholson also he believes that Whitlock is not trying to garner an advantage by using these points but that if rules are brought in to stop them being used, ‘The Wizard’ would be fine with it.

“Simon believes these darts will get him extra grip in the board because they go in at a very upright angle and are not breaking any rules. He’s been in for way too much criticism and whether he’s shredding the boards or not doesn’t matter.

His opponent can always request the boards be changed after every break if they really think it’s been damaged too much and Simon wouldn’t have any problem with that – he’s not trying to gain an advantage in this way.

If I’d have been his opponent I’d have picked some bits out of the board but it wouldn’t have bothered me – it’s no different to stamping down a spike mark on the green. Do you see anyone whingeing about that?

He’s allowed to use those points so leave him alone. However, if a rule is brought in by the PDC about points, I am sure he will adhere to it.”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

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Author: Samuel Gill