Paul Nicholson lost his Tour Card at the end of last season but has emerged as one of the main pundits/commentators on PDC events and from both a pundit and player point of view, he gave his perspective on the future of the PDC circuit after Coronavirus.

In particular the Players Championship events and speaking to Henry Deacon (H_deaconmedia), ‘The Asset’ admitted that old haunts such as Crawley and Taunton may have to be reused if they do intend to play all the events; as well as that it is not clean cut from all angles when the action does restart.

“I think they will try and squeeze in as many Players Championships as possible and the beauty of these Players Championships is they are done behind closed doors so potentially mid week options are there. There are a few other venues they use such as Milton Keynes if they need it, they use Wigan and Barnsley predominantly.

If they come to the point where they need to put the full quota to be fair to the players, they may have to source a few more venues.

From not only a rankings perspective is this a very tricky thing to do, also an infrastructure point of view. All sorts of things have to be taken into consideration.”

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Author: Samuel Gill