Dartsnews.com recently caught up with recent first time Development Tour winner, Niels Zonneveld as well as Wessel Nijman and Rob Hewson whos interviews will be out soon.

We spoke to the Dutch prospect about his beginnings in darts as well as his first Development Tour win. Also as well as that we also discussed with Zonneveld about the new DartConnect system and the state of Dutch youth darts at the moment.
Q. Thanks for your time Niels, first of all how did you get into darts growing up??
I got into the darts when I was 10 years old I think, with friends at school we went to the sporthall every Wednesday and Friday afternoon to play darts for fun. That’s how it started.
Q. You were a recent first time winner on the Development Tour, how did that feel and are you hoping you can continue that form into the rest of the Development Tour season??
Yeah, I was really over the moon when I won Development Tour 4, I never expected that in my first Development Tour weekend. I hope I can continue that form, but there are so many good players what makes it very difficult to continue to perform well, but I keep on training and doing my very best.
Q. You were one of two dutch winners over that weekend with Wessel Nijman also claiming one of the titles, would you say this shows how strong youth darts is in Holland??
The darts in holland is very very strong, by the men and by the youthplayers. It was amazing that Wessel and I both did win a development tour in the same weekend, he is a good friend of mine and we are neighbours, so that was something special.
Q. Being from Holland of course it is well known for the likes of Raymond van Barneveld and now Michael van Gerwen, was it the likes of these players would you say that inspired you to get into darts??
I think Raymond, and now Michael were the inspiration for so many dartplayers, to get into the darts. So that will also have affected me.
Q. The DartConnect system is a new integration on the PDC circuit this year and it is used on the Development Tour, what do you think of the ease of it and being able to see your averages and stats back??
Yes, DartConnect is a great system for the players and the markers, you can see your stats and the points for improvement, it is also great for the people at home that they can follow the matches with DartConnect.
Q. Finally what would you say are your ambitions for the rest of the year in darts??
That is a difficult question, I want to do everything to get as high as possible, and see where it ends, it is also dependent if you get sponsors and something like that.
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill