Wessel Nijman claimed his first Development Tour over the weekend as well as the most 180’s as per DartConnect. It shows how good the tour is in producing new talent with new names coming off the conveyer belt.

Ted Evetts hit the highest total average over the weekend averaging 90.61 over the events showing ‘Super Ted’ to potentially be hitting some form after a recent Challenge Tour win.
Bradley Kirk and Christopher Haensch hit the highest checkout with both hitting the biggest shot on the board, the 170. Geert Nentjes played the most matches over the Development Tour weekend;  he made it to the Last 32 in every event over the weekend.
This also meant a leg won ratio of 70% for the young Dutchman. Finally Dawson Murschell also played a lot having 112 legs, this is despite him missing the final event.


Author: Samuel Gill