Jesus Noguera has claimed a second title of the season on the PDC Challenge Tour defeating Kyle McKinstry in the final to win the 15th event at Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton.

The Spaniard who also claimed the seventh event earlier this year is now up to second in the Order of Merit after defeating his nearest rival Cameron Menzies, Mark Walsh who he saw off to win his maiden title, Ritchie Edhouse and finally McKinstry in a tough route through.

For McKinstry, it is a maiden final and based on the past weekend it may not be the last that ‘The Village Man’ appears in on the Challenge Tour.

There was also a good run for Wes Newton who lost out to McKinstry in the semi-finals and had his best run in some time on the secondary tour. One event remains today before the final weekend of action next time out.

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Last 16
Kyle McKinstry 5 | 4 Mark Frost
James Lawson 5 | 2 Jason Askew
Wes Newton 5 | 0 Dave Askew
Martin O’Boyle 5 | 4 Dave Prins
Ritchie Edhouse 5 | 2 Curtis Hammond
Kevin Garcia 5 | 1 Steve Hine
Jesus Noguera 5 | 2 Cameron Menzies
Mark Walsh 5 | 0 James Kempster

Kyle McKinstry 5 | 2 James Lawson
Wes Newton 5 | 4 Martin O’Boyle
Ritchie Edhouse 5 | 4 Kevin Garcia
Jesus Noguera 5 | 4 Mark Walsh

Kyle McKinstry 5 | 2 Wes Newton
Jesus Noguera 5 | 2 Ritchie Edhouse

Jesus Noguera 5 | 2 Kyle McKinstry

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Author: Samuel Gill