The Northern Ireland team has been announced for the Six Nations Cup with the likes of Kyle McKinstry set to be involved in the event in Bonte Wever in Assen between 20-23rd June.

McKinstry will be captain and for the men’s team at the Six Nations Cup, it will also include the likes of Chris Gilliland who has previous experience on the Lakeside stage.

Neil Duff and Gary Elliott also have experience with previous World Masters appearances as well as WDF Europe and World Cups meaning the Northern Irish team could be a potential force at the Six Nations Cup in Holland.

In terms of the Ladies Six Nations Cup team, Kayleigh O’Neill is the captain with Grace Crane and Helen Dunn joining her in the side. All of whom have experience in major tournaments with the trio seen as the best Northern Ireland has to offer.


Kyle McKinstry – Captain
Neil Duff
Gary Elliott
Paul McDonald
Chris Gilliland


Kayleigh O’Neill – Captain
Grace Crane
Helen Dunn

David Gill/DG Media

Photo: David Gill/DG Media


Author: Samuel Gill