Tony O’Shea finished in third in the Remote Darts League initial phase seeing off Alan Norris to claim the higher spot ahead of Jim Williams who is the only player to defeat ‘Silverback’ this week but he is now in finals night.

It is something that the Stockport fans favourite is looking forward to and he reflected on playing from home and his thoughts on it.

“One thing I’ve noticed watching games over the week is that the guys who didn’t start the week well, they’ve come strong at the end of the week and hit a bit of form. I’m just dead chuffed to have made the finals night. I didn’t really expect to.

”Alan (Norris) was saying he’s done a bit more practice this week and I’ve mentioned it more than once and it’s definitely paying off. It is easier playing in your own house, you don’t even have to wash if you don’t want to. I’ve enjoyed the last nine nights, it’s been brilliant.”

Alan Norris despite finishing seventh in the end with three wins and six losses said that it has given him new found drive after the competition to really take it seriously.

“I’ve never been beat up so much in my own kitchen in my life. As soon as B&Q opens, I’ll go and buy some replacement doors. That’s the way it goes, it’s been a great few nights. I’m back on the board. It’s given me a bit of motivation to get off the sofa and start practising,” said Norris.

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Author: Samuel Gill