Make a Mark with Darts Betting

Primarily, darts games date back to the medieval period around the 1300s. According to historical accounts, it was first played as a military leisure activity. For those unfamiliar with the sport, it involves tossing pointed missile-like objects to a circle board. Each segment on the board is numbered with probable scores that a player can win after making accurate targets.

Centuries down the line, the game has grown in heaps and bounds, especially after the innovation of live broadcasts. This new approach undeniably offers enthusiasts several opportunities in betting.

Introduction to Professional Dart Betting

Forget the local darts competition mainly done in local pubs. Instead, a couple of professional tournaments and leagues cross through borders and attract crowds of admirers. Some of the most prominent ones include the Premier League Darts, World Darts Championships, World Cup Darts, Grand Slam of Darts, and Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) World Corporation.

It is worth pointing out that most dart leagues put forward two opponents in a set-based game using the 501 scoring structure. Players then compete on lowering the scores to zero by hitting corresponding numbers on the board. The first competitor to achieve this wins the first leg. Further on and after winning several legs, one can end up victorious in the entire set.

Is Placing Bets on Darts Legal?

Even when betting on the best online slots, it can get confusing whether all games are legal or not. The most comforting thing is that dart bets are all legal and not likely to cause any trouble for the gamblers. Depending on where you live, most platforms only require players to log on to their sportsbooks before placing their bets. Luckily with various darts competitions coming up, it is now easier to make impressive wins compared to previous years.

Make a Mark with Darts Betting

What are Recent Darts Betting Markets?

Currently, there are a couple of bet markets suitable for novice and experienced players. Below are some of the most popular darts markets explained.

1 Handicap Markets

In darts matches, players have to get a certain amount of legs before winning the game. For instance, winning in a premier league requires at least 14 legs. The handicap market in such a game refers to minimal legs scored against the usual win. Therefore, a -4.5 handicap on a 10-3 game places the winner at a 5.5-3 winning bet. Usually, gamblers prefer handicap betting in Live gambling because it offers more odds opportunities.

2 Match Betting

Like other match bettings, two players get head to head where the best end up winning. Basically, most markets focus on picking one winner. Nonetheless, there are some exceptions where the match can result in a draw. On that note, draw markets can also be classified as another option in the darts gambling industry.

3 Most 180s

Typically, 180s markets allow players to get up to 180 scores in a single visit. Usually, this happens when gamblers hit at least three treble 20s. Note that certain leagues allow outright markets where players get a chance to lay a wager on the most 180s. That way, they have longer odds and increased probabilities of winning the tournament.

4 Nine Dart Finish

Unknown to most people, nine-dart finishes allow players to check out the entire 501 scores in nine darts. In recent times there are certain games where famous dart gamblers have hit nine darters regularly compared to previous years.

All in all, there are an estimated 3944 various ways to win a nine-darter. Remember that most nine darters start with the players focusing on the treble 20. This is because treble 20 is the uppermost scoring section on a dartboard.

5 Highest Checkout

In darts gambling, the highest checkout stake gives options for players to pick the paramount checkout in the game. The highest checkout you can ever make is 170, thanks to the newest bet builders available in the market now. For this reason, there is a high probability of increased bets with definite checkout scores attached to them.

6 Correct Score

The beauty of credit score dart gaming is that you can predict final results according to sets made in a match. In some scenarios, you can bet on the legs as well. However, this should be the last option because it can be more complicated than others.

7 Final Thoughts

Before making any investment in darts gambling, it is crucial to ensure that your online bookmaker offers the best options like free bets. Fortunately, most sportsbooks allow deposits through cryptocurrencies which is most likely the safest payment alternative in the market because it attracts no fees and allows instant withdrawals. Altogether, darts betting may not be one of the easiest sports, but there are many mouth-watering opportunities once you learn the ropes. The thumb rule is to always inquire from experts and reliable sources on the latest game updates for better winning chances.

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