Tips and Tricks to hit the Bullseye

The game of darts is a simple concept which it allows every person to play. Even though it is just someone throwing a dart at a board, it is more than that. The amount of hours one puts into practising as for them to achieve the highest amount of points at one go is easier said than done. If you don’t believe us, try and hit the bullseye at least once in 3 attempts.

In the last few years the popularity in the sport of darts has increased, with numbers to backup this statement. Many drinking establishments have included a dart board as it is now becoming a popular pastime among friends. Many also go to see a live tournament of the sport, with some also placing a wager to make it feel even more special. Many individuals use the 32Red online betting site as it allows them to place bets on players such as Michael Van Gerwan or Peter Wright.

If you feel like you would not be able to hit that, then you are in luck as in this article you will see some tips and tricks that will help you in hitting the all important bullseye. So let's get right into it!

Tip 1: Don't hold the dart so tightly

As for you to have maximum control, we suggest that you hold the dart with your thumb and the index finger. Grip it from the back side of the dart whilst placing your middle finger next to your first finger. As the great Dudbridge said, “ The fewer the fingers, the less chance of something wrong to happen”.

Tip 2: Place your toe pointing towards the target

It's worth pointing out that you are able to cross the standing line with your body, but not with your foot. So point your toe towards the target so that you are able to allow your hand to have an idea of which line it has to take. Do this whilst keeping your forearm perpendicular whilst also keeping your bicep horizontal.

Tip 3: A strong throw is advised

When being in the throwing motion your arm should accelerate and go in a straight line. The point at which you should release the dart should be around ⅔ of the throw. It is also advised by professionals that your hand should finish pointing towards the target.

Tip 4: Have a good quality dart

With a good quality dart it allows you to have a great feel to it whilst also having the maximum potential of going exactly towards the target you are aiming at. The reason being is that with some bad quality darts, for instance, they may be a bit bent that you wouldn't even notice them. This would in fact affect your performance and most probably hit the board but not the target you were hoping to hit.


With these 4 informative tips, you will be able to elevate your game and be able to not only hit the bullseye, but also hit the target at which you are aiming at. Read and understand each point and practise non stop until you hit your target!

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