What Is the Best Type of Earrings?

Numerous things define what suits you most. Apart from making sure you are going to choose the best fit length and weight, your task is to think carefully about the metal, insertion, and overall design compatibility with your type of face and skin tone. When it comes to sensitive ears, the assortment would be limited by silver, platinum, and gold options. But is it a great restriction, taking into account how many solutions of precious metals are there on the market?

What Is the Best Type of Earrings?

Since there are no doubts about the divergence of earrings, the task of any enthusiast is to get aware of the total palette of available options. Then it won’t be a problem to define which type of accessories is a soulmate for your or the target recipient’s appearance and lifestyle. At F Jewellery, you will find an advanced search engine and great photos to simplify your considerations. So it is high time to get a bit of theory to reign.

Popular Earring Styles among Fashionistas

Earrings models are broadly divided into classic and original. From more modern threaders to classic solutions like diamond earrings, the range of potential candidates to break your heart with their beauty is extraordinary. Here is the list of units that run the fashion trends nowadays:

Earrings Hoop — these models are either laconic or complicated with decorations. They aren’t limited in their complex multicomponent layout and are present in tiered designs too. Hoop earrings are heavyweight and large in scale frequently, so they are recommended to take off during nighttime.

● Huggies — these earrings fit more snugly the earlobe part. In general, these accessories are believed to be mini versions of hoops.

● Cuff pieces — what differs the analyzed type from others is its versatility in terms of wearing places. They are worn and sometimes fastened on different parts of the earlobe and shell. There are models that cover the entire ear.

● Drop and dangles — both models possess stud-like back hangings. Dangles are supposed to be more voluminous and include more complex and heavyweight decorations and insertions. Chandelier earrings are their subtype, and their shape is similar to a cascade format.

● Crawlers (also known as climbers) — this is a new fashion trend. The design layout offers a small piece in the form of leaves, links of flowers, etc. rising up the lobe.

● Pendant earrings — thanks to their shape, such a design looks like a ring as the main part put into the ear and a pendant as the bottom element of the layout. Besides, its composition detail is a clasp as well. They are long and short or solid or hollow. The fluid nature of these earrings adds a touch of dynamism to the look with the play of shimmering stones and metallic surfaces.

● Threader versions — the name is self-explanatory: this type consists of a metal that is worn by putting it through the piercing. It doesn’t include any closures and hangs on your earlobe sides.

What Is the Best Type of Earrings?

Where to buy

Online shopping is convenient from divergent perspectives. First of all, this is a wonderful opportunity to get access to a wider catalog that is usually present in local stores. Secondly, the range of prices is more advantageous. For instance, the F Jewellery brand offers the best deals at inexpensive and thus affordable prices. Thirdly, customers spend considerably less time and effort to get what they want — a few clicks are enough to purchase the desired item. If you hesitate about which option is the best option for your particular case, feel free to reach out to our team of experts and make the right choice then.

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