John Part has spoke in a recent interview with LiveDarts about his current intentions as he continues his usual punditry for Sky Sports at the World Grand Prix.

Part has stated that he will once again attempt Q-School and that as long as he is still able to play he will do so.

He spoke about the improved entries for Q-School and said that it makes it tough but pretty fun and interesting and that as he gets further away from being at the top, it gives him more freedom to love his darts again.

“I don’t quit,” said Part in an interview at the World Grand Prix with LiveDarts.

“As long as I’m able to, I’ll go play. I enjoy it.

“As hard as it was last year with 20 spots for 400 entries in the UK, it’s a pretty tall order but it makes it fun and interesting.

“You always get frustrated if you’re not doing what you want to do but you try and work to put it right.

“The further I get distance-wise from being at that top level where I was, there’s more pressure off my shoulders and I can play with more freedom.

“The top 50 guys in the world all look really good to me, is that because they are all really good or is it because I’m not world number two or three?

“I have to say, yes, the standard has gone up but competitively, head-to-head, the spirit and intensity and really good winner’s mentalities, only so many guys can have that.

“Definitely the overall skill level of the game has gone up, you can’t skate through too easily, you have to play to a certain standard these days.”

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Author: Samuel Gill