John Part went through a resurgence of sorts at the weekend reaching the Quarter-Finals of the UK Open. ‘Darth Maple’ had not competed in a singles major for quite some time on TV but pleased a lot of darts fans by reaching the latter stages.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Part spoke about the weekend as well as what the future holds for the 3x World Champion.
Speaking about the weekend Part said : “It was draining and tiring, and a war physically. I tried not to hurt myself too much. But I enjoyed every minute.”
Part was a 1000-1 outsider before the start and play and he spoke about this: “Oh yes, I did notice. They breathed a sigh of relief because I’m sure there was a few quid on me! It makes it more fun when you’re successful. There was no malice or resentment, it was purely fun.”
He then spoke about whether he enjoyed the weekend: “For the most part. I didn’t get it right on the last day. My opponent Robert Owen did a good job of smothering me and not allowing me opportunities. I didn’t have it in the tank. He won deservedly.”
He then spoke about his resurgence and how getting in good shape has helped: “I’m trying to. I enjoy competing. Physically I feel better than I have for years. I’m getting into better shape, and making permanent lifestyle changes. I’ve had knocks and pains to my elbows and shoulders and knees for the past four or five years. But the stamina of these long days or weekends is where I need to improve. The more I compete, the better I will get. You can’t practice that. My lifestyle adjustments should help too.”
Part was asked about his objectives that he still has and he said about the World Championship mainly: “The objective that I’d love more than anything is to get back into the World Championship. I’ve proven that, once I’m in a tournament, I have a chance. That is my goal because climbing the rankings is an ominous task.”
Finally he was asked whether he could live with the worlds best: “Yes, but I have to click straight away. I have to be hot. I can’t afford a slow start, and that’s sometimes my biggest problem. My scoring is getting better and better, and I’m in a groove with the treble 20. Once I get going, I can maintain a certain level.”


Author: Samuel Gill