John Part returned to the winners circle claiming the ninth event in the CDC season and showed some form ahead of the return of the Pro Tour next month.

On the way, ‘Darth Maple’ saw off Jim Widmayer, Chuck Puleo and then Danny Lauby Jnr.
It won’t get him qualified for the World Championship though with Jim Long likely to take the Canadian spot.
Darin Young also known as Big Daddy will likely take the American spot. Young’s only contender in Leonard Gates didn’t travel.
There was also first appearances in a Main Event for Gavin Nicoll and Jamison Merritt, youngsters who have impressed on the CDC Evolution Tour this year.
CDC Main Event Nine
Saturday 25 August 2018

Jim Long 6-4 Darin Young
Danny Lauby 6-4 Dan Lauby
Chuck Puleo 6-4 Timmy Nicoll
John Part 6-4 Jim Widmayer
Danny Lauby 6-2 Jim Long
John Part 6-4 Chuck Puleo
John Part 6-2 Danny Lauby

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill