Paul Nicholson has spoken out in favour of the women’s game receiving a financial boost.

Former Players Championship Finals winner Nicholson has been a vocal advocate of increased prize money for female players.

During his TV appearances this week, the PDC player has slammed the BDO for the short format and lack of prize money in the women’s world championship. 2018 champion Lisa Ashton collects £12,000 for taking the title. In contrast, the winner of the men’s championship will take home £100,000. All four semi-finalists will take home more prize money than Ashton. The men who departed in the preliminary round won as much – £2,000 – as women’s semi-finalists Deta Hedman and Trina Gulliver.

In a strongly-worded tweet, Nicholson said: “I’m going on record to say that the ladies prize money has to increase now.

“Not to be thought about, it has to change now.”

Nicholson added: “The formats have to be longer to give them chances to prove themselves.”

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Author: Ed McCosh