The final PDC Challenge Tour event of the weekend in underway in Wigan and there is eight players left who are battling for the title.

Former World Championship stars Boris Koltsov, Jerry Hendriks and David Ladley are still in the tournament, as well as Dave Prins and Darren Johnson.
Players who finish in high positions on the Order of Merit will gain positions in PDC Players Championship events.
This is when the 128 player field cannot be made up and as well as that Tour Cards and World Championship spots are up for grabs.
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Last 16

79.2Van Trijp, Danny54Wilson, Stu75.5
92.1Koltsov, Boris52Plaisier, Wesley87.0
87.4Askew, Jason50Rafferty, Nathan82.5
87.4Hendriks, Jerry50Reynolds, Dean67.3
85.3Griffin, Rhys53Portela, Diogo81.6
83.6Ladley, David53Hamilton, Andy77.2
90.6Prins, Dave53Edhouse, Ritchie82.6
94.5Johnson, Darren54Atkins, Martin (Leeds)87.7

Last 32

89.5Van Trijp, Danny54Jacques, Peter91.4
75.3Wilson, Stu53Borland, William70.5
92.7Koltsov, Boris52Marriott, Jason79.5
89.3Plaisier, Wesley52Noguera, Jesús81.0
87.3Rafferty, Nathan53Quantock, Christopher82.3
90.3Askew, Jason52Atkins (Wigan), Martin91.0
74.4Hendriks, Jerry50Hansen, Niels-Joergen52.5
82.6Reynolds, Dean50Mitchell, Tony73.9
87.4Griffin, Rhys54Hol, Erik87.6
97.8Portela, Diogo52Hine, Steve87.7
86.9Hamilton, Andy52Redfern, Paul80.5
91.4Ladley, David53Williams, Ricky87.2
91.3Prins, Dave53Williams, Darren81.5
84.0Edhouse, Ritchie52Edwards, Dafydd83.6
85.4Johnson, Darren50Woods, Brian72.7
84.5Atkins, Martin (Leeds)53Kellett, Stuart76.1

Last 64

96.9Van Trijp, Danny53De Vos, Geert87.8
90.7Jacques, Peter53Szaganski, Radek91.9
77.5Borland, William50Bjornsson, Aegir71.2
89.3Wilson, Stu52Baillie, Richard80.2
89.4Koltsov, Boris51Fullwell, Nick80.9
90.6Marriott, Jason52Preston, Simon86.8
90.5Noguera, Jesús54Lovely, Thomas89.6
79.2Plaisier, Wesley51Huckvale, Adam80.1
90.5Rafferty, Nathan50Rickwood, Robert81.7
83.9Quantock, Christopher54Barrowman, Jamie79.8
87.6Askew, Jason52Chalmers, Andy83.3
91.5Atkins (Wigan), Martin54Evans, David95.2
75.2Hendriks, Jerry54Sherrock, Fallon74.5
73.9Hansen, Niels-Joergen53Bent, Christopher77.1
74.7Reynolds, Dean53Bour, Wesley70.8
74.5Mitchell, Tony52Ashton, Lisa76.3
94.1Hol, Erik54Hand, Dan92.6
78.1Griffin, Rhys54Greebe, Toon78.6
81.2Hine, Steve51Hamilton, Carl78.7
92.8Portela, Diogo50Darbyshire, Scott81.5
79.0Hamilton, Andy52Konterman, Arjan71.7
79.7Redfern, Paul51Hammond, Curtis82.0
87.1Williams, Ricky52van den Boogaard, Patrick78.8
85.8Ladley, David51Menzies, Cameron72.2
71.6Williams, Darren53Hendriks, Jimmy76.6
89.0Prins, Dave51Barstow, Chas78.4
87.4Edwards, Dafydd53Claydon, Brett73.4
96.3Edhouse, Ritchie50Rodriguez, Rusty Jake92.8
89.1Johnson, Darren54Barilli, Mark90.1
87.4Woods, Brian51De Decker, Mike85.9
79.7Kellett, Stuart52Frost, Mark83.2
88.4Atkins, Martin (Leeds)50Smith, Lee84.0



Author: Pieter