The 2019 PDC Development Tour season ends this weekend, with a lot at stake.

The four Development Tour events played across November 2-3 in Wigan carry a collective prize fund of £40,000. That money could turn dreams into reality for select members of the PDC’s top young talent.

Two players will earn a place at the PDC World Championship at the Alexandra Palace in December. Looking at the top of the Development Tour Order of Merit, it’s not such a straightforward occasion. The waters are muddied by the fact that a lot of the top echelon have already qualified.

Ted Evetts, the runaway Order of Merit leader, has booked his Ally Pally spot. Luke Humphries has too, as has Ryan Meikle. Callan Rydz and Keane Barry will make their World Championship debuts in December. Jeffrey de Zwaan – who misses the weekend’s play due to participation in the World Series of Darts Finals – need not worry.

All of that leaves the door open wide for Geert Nentjes. This time last year, the Dutchman had to excel on the last Development Tour weekend to come out of left field and claim a spot. It’s a little more comfortable for Nentjes in 2019. Having earned £8,000 across the campaign, the two-time event winner is second in the standings.

He’ll be hoping for another crack at the World Championship, after last year’s effort ended with a first round whitewash defeat to Nathan Aspinall.

At the other end of the spectrum, Shane McGuirk is on the cusp of something special. The Irishman, fifth in the Development Tour Order of Merit at the moment, currently occupies the second World Championship qualifying spot.

Nathan Rafferty, one spot below McGuirk, is in the chasing pack. Ciaran Teehan is another of the Irish contingent in with a shout. Bradley Brooks and Andrew Davidson also look like they have a good chance. Corey Cadby is there or thereabouts, though we don’t know if he’ll be in Wigan; he hasn’t got a reputation for attending important dates.

Given that any event winner will scoop up £2,000, the outlook could change massively across the weekend.

PositionNamePrize Money
1Ted Evetts£12,400
2Geert Nentjes£8,000
3Luke Humphries£6,100
4Ryan Meikle£5,450
5Shane McGuirk£4,800
6Nathan Rafferty£4,350
7Callan Rydz£4,150
8Jeffrey De Zwaan£3,950
9Ciaran Teehan£3,800
10Keane Barry£3,600
11Bradley Brooks£2,950
12Andrew Davidson£2,850
13Corey Cadby£2,800
14Greg Ritchie£2,650
15William Borland£2,500
16Harry Ward£2,350
17Justin Smith£2,050
18Owen Roelofs£2,000
19Nathan Girvan£1,950
20Danny van Trijp£1,900
21Mike De Decker£1,850
22Jarred Cole£1,800
23Lewis Pride£1,700
24Wessel Nijman£1,600
25Kevin Doets£1,500
26Jack Main£1,500
27Justin van Tergouw£1,350
28Rusty-Jake Rodriguez£1,350
29Aiden Cope£1,350
30George Killington£1,350
31Christian Bunse£1,300
32Mike van Duivenbode£1,300
33Niels Zonneveld£1,250
34Joe Davis£1,200
35Keelan Kay£1,200
36Thomas Lovely£1,050
37Roman Benecky£1,000
38Tom Lonsdale£1,000
39Callum Matthews£950
40Jacob Gwynne£900
41Ben Cheeseman£900
42Bradley Clark£900
43Berry van Peer£850
44Jurjen van der Velde£850
45Hywel Manuel£850
46Marvin van Velzen£850
47Connor Arberry£850
48Benjamin Smith£850
49Andy Kent£850
50Patrick van den Boogaard£850
51Carl Batchelor£850
52Matthew Holbrook£850
53Dom Taylor£800
54Seppe Giebens£800
55Rhys Griffin£800
56Owen Maiden£750
57Adam Gawlas£650
58Danny Key£650
59Lennon Cradock£650
60Dylan Powell£650
61Henk Snijder£650
62Kieran Brignell£600
63Connor Scutt£600
64Tommy Lishman£600
65Stephen Rosney£550
66Ben West£550
67Wesley van Trijp£550
68Kieran Spurdle£500
69David Carr£500
70Bradley Coltman£500
71Reece Colley£500
72Luke Humphreys£500
73Jim Moston£500
74Liam Gallagher£500
75Joshua Richardson£500
76Joshua Burksfield£500
77Charlie Symons£500
78George Gardner£500
79Ole Holtkamp£450
80Daan Bastiaansen£450
81Sebastian Pohl£450
82James Beeton£450
83Killian Heffernan£450
84Jack Neary£450
85Callum Wilson£450
86Scott Hope£450
87Keanu van Velzen£400
88Levy Frauenfelder£400
89Connor Pickett£400
90Maikel Verberk£400
91Dan Read£400
92Fred Box£400
93Alex Jacques£400
94Martin Schindler£350
95John Brown£350
96Conor Mayes£350
97Logan Crooks£350
98Bradley Halls£350
99Dawson Murschell£350
100Thomas Cromwell£300
101Marc Legant£300
102Damian Mol£300
103Franz Roetzsch£300
104Philipp Hagemann£300
105Lewis Gurney£300
106Luke Colwill£300
107Liam Waddingham£300
108James Thompson£300
109Adam Paxton£300
110Nico Schlund£300
111Brian Raman£300
112Zak Cross£300
113Gergely Lakatos£250
114Mattia Pinelli£250
115Jaikob Selby-Rivas£250
116Brad Phillips£250
117Bertus Herks£250
118Jack Sargeant£250
119Matt Smith£250
120Björn Ole Blohm£200
121Sven Hesse£200
122Alessio Marconi£200
123Aaron Ayres£200
124Billy Warriner£200
125Robbie Lickiss£200
126Reece Pauling£200
127Aaron Holdstock£200
128Scott Jackson£200
129Josh Habgood£200
130Owen Emmett-Bowden£200
131Derk Telnekes£200
132Nico Blum£150
133Alexander Rolf£150
134Viggo van der Kuijl£150
135Nathan Boon£150
136Jakob Kelly£150
137Gian van Veen£150
138Robin Beger£150
139Cameron Doyle£150
140Tadhg Carroll£150
141Daniel Kirton£150
142Szabolcs Nemeth£150
143Justin Hewitt£150
144George Lynch£150
145Kieran Peek£150
146Lloyd Walker£150
147Declan Cox£150
148Luke Rutter£150
149Michael Poole£150
150Aaron Castagnette£150
151Lewis McGuigan£150
152Cameron Anderson£150
153Ben Chance£150
154Sam Cromwell£150
155Jack Vincent£150
156Daniel Thomas£150
157Rob Hewson£150
158Nicolai Rasmussen£150
159Ross Gilder Jnr£150
160Joost Geurts£100
161Joshua Hermann£100
162Danny Jantowski£100
163Maximilian Johansen£100
164Kevin Knopf£100
165Vilem Sedivy£100
166Jordan Boyce£100
167Lars Fransen£100
168Chester Gardner£100
169Oliver King£100
170Andrew Cass£100
171Freddie Francis£100
172Finn Kalsbeek£100
173George Collumb Jnr£100
174Shaun Lovett£100
175Kieran Harris£100
176Dan Wilson£100
177Henry Reddin£100
178David Johnson£100
179Callum Loose£100
180Daniel Jensen£100
181Rihards Slisans£100
182Sam Gibbons£100
183Kallum Graham£100
184Jack Kerr£100
185Josh Church£100
186Josh McCarthy£100
187Jamie Cassidy£100
188Anthony Cunnane£100
189Sven Groen£100
190Liam Hill£100
191Rhys Julian£100
192Fredi Gsellmann£100
193Aron Boroczi£50
194Troy Brown£50
195Jake Carter£50
196Kevin Grebe£50
197Tom Heldt£50
198Rene Hwizda£50
199Jerry Kaldenberg£50
200Marcus Kirchmann£50
201Amos Menghini£50
202Jonas Michlenz£50
203Dominik Neumeister£50
204Martijn Piree£50
205Aaron Russell£50
206Sara Schliemann£50
207Joshua Sinkovits£50
208Niko Springer£50
209Marcel Teders£50
210Niklas Thunemann£50
211Egor Tvorogov£50
212Marvin Wehder£50
213Atli Bjarnason£50
214Declan Hooley£50
215Thomas King£50
216Hampus Norrstrom£50
217Josie Paterson£50
218Mike de Kruijff£50
219Lucas Richards£50
220Frankie Dean£50
221Robert Adnams£50
222Adam Howard£50
223Nico Krause£50
224Jack Dickinson£50
225David Luke Leonard£50
226Keith O’Neill£50
227Jamie Peetoom£50
228Mikey Rees£50
229Jordan Singh£50
230Kai Haddock£50
231Jordan Inglut£50
232Samuel Kapur£50
233Daniel Castle£50
234Declan Fishwick£50
235Rory Jolly£50
236Louis Whitehouse£50
237Hendrik Eggermann£50
238Jonathan Schuette£50
239Viktor Tingstrom£50
240Rex Cole£50
241Liam Gordon£50
242Morgan Smith£50
243Ben Cloake£50
244Jacob Cooksey£50
245Joshua Jenkins£50
246Andrew Kilburn£50
247Danny Kronenberg£50
248Padraig Balfe£50
249Llew Bevan£50
250Jason Blackford£50
251Graham Cummings£50
252Neil Dodd£50
253Ashley Presley£50
254Kevin Troppmann£50
255Jordan Ward£50
256Terry Webb£50

Photo: PDC

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Author: Ed McCosh