It will be easier for European players next season to try to win a prized two year Tour Card for the PDC circuit. The PDC will launch a European Q-School from next season in Hildesheim a usual place where a European Tour event is held.
The four-day tournament coincides with the Q-School in England, which means that players can not participate in both tournaments so there will be only 1 chance to win a tour card. At the Q-School, you usually earn 25 to 30 Tour Cards but instead of European players from countries such as Germany, Austria, Denmark etc having to travel over here to potentially not get a tour card, it will be a lot closer.
The set-up and Tour Card distribution of the two Q-Schools for the coming season is still unknown. The PDC is expected to announce this within a few weeks with Barry Hearn the chairman of the PDC though hinting on Twitter at additional cards for Europe as opposed to half and half and also questions have been asked about whether there is any special rulings for the Q-School in terms of location which Hearn replied that it would be announced in the next few weeks.


Author: Samuel Gill