Michael van Gerwen is known as a winning machine and one of the most successful players of all time but as statistics show this is very much a recent phenomenon.

Van Gerwen back in his early days in 2011 won 58 percent of his matches; only in 2012 when it spiked up to 78.4 percent did he start having success.

His worst year since then has been 2014; where he had 80.7 percent of match victories and he currently sits on 85.9 percent.

This is despite many fans saying that Van Gerwen earlier this year may be finished; after he started to lose more in major tournaments.

He said earlier this week that the bounceback has been even better; despite these comments, he is currently having one of the best years of his career with only 2017 and 2016 where he was the most dominant player on the circuit eclipsing that.

These statistics could be an ominous sign for the World Championship with Mighty Mike really starting to find his form.

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Author: Samuel Gill