Dartsnews.com recently caught up with a host of players who will be playing in the World’s, the next is Peter Jacques. ‘The Terrier’ has had a sublime year including reaching a ProTour final in his first event as well as reaching a host of Euro Tour events and is set to not only compete at the Alexandra Palace but become 1 of 3 players in this years Order of Merit who will win tour cards by right despite not being on the tour full time.
We started with a standard question for most of these interviews and that is about how Peter got into darts and who inspired him to pick up a set growing up.
‘I firstly got into darts watching my family practice at my grandparents house as they played in a local league. So my grandad was the one who inspired me.’
Jacques went to Q-School in January and only just missed out on a tour card through to the Order of Merit due to going to play for Yorkshire instead.
‘Q school was a great experience, I’d made the decision before I went. I would only be doing 3 days as I’m very proud of playing for Yorkshire. Not playing the last day could have gone either way but as it’s worked out I’ve no regrets on my decision.’
Like alluded to Jacques will compete in a few short days in the World Championship. To end off the first part we spoke about that and his thoughts on it.
‘if you’d said that back in January I’d have probably laughed so It’s a bit unreal really. A lot of hard work as been put in by myself and support from my family & friends. It’s been an enjoyable journey so far.’
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill