Dartsnews.com recently had the opportunity to speak to Peter Machin, the reigning BDO World Trophy winner and this is the second part of the interview. The first part which you can read here we speak mainly about Australian darts and his World Trophy win, in the second part we shift gears more towards his Grand Slam debut in a short time.

To continue the interview, we spoke first of all about his first Grand Slam appearance coming up soon and his thoughts ahead of it.

“The BDO guys were fantastic when I went across & everyone was so friendly & made me feel welcome. I just hope it’s the same. I know I’ll have to be right on my game though as I was in the trophy.”

David Gill/BDO Darts

Photo: David Gill/BDO Darts

We then shifted gears to speak about his recent win with Australia at the WDF World Cup in Japan and how it is to represent your country.

“The world cup was amazing. We all just clicked at the same time. We are all team orientated aswell & all wanted the same goal. Winning for Australia was an amazing feeling.”

Finally we spoke about the future goals and ambitions he has to end the interview off:

“This will be my last tournament for the year. To be honest I’m getting tired. Being a retail manager Christmas is hectic & I’ll be putting all my energy into that. So a small break as I do every year & see how I feel next year. Hopefully refreshed & ready for a new year. I’m hoping that I’ll have my new darts from one80 & I can pick up from this years momentum & keep improving.”

Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill