Devon Petersen recently spoke with Sky Sports about the subject of racism and in particular the killing of George Floyd with it now being a topic which ‘can’t be ignored’.

Petersen also sat down with the PDC to discuss the topic and spoke about racism in darts admitting it is something that happens in the sport.

‘Obviously me and Kyle Anderson being the only two people of colour that play at the high level of the sport, people think that it doesn’t exist within our sport,’ said Petersen to the PDC in conversation with Dan Dawson.

‘But micro racism still exists and that leaves a footprint regardless of how big and that means it will still remain until we understood what the effects of that is.’

’You see this all the time in social media, people like today were tweeting about it’s almost like when say you only play darts, don’t worry about this racism stuff, don’t jump on the bandwagon but people don’t understood this is not a bandwagon. It’s not a tracksuit I can zip off and I’m white under this.’

’That door was now open. Now players in South Africa understand that they can live the dream.’



Author: Samuel Gill